Line Cinque was founded in November 1981 by five enterprises who worked in various capacities in the clothing industry.
it was Created the first knitwear extra-fine merino yarn collection.


The knitwear collection is complemented by clothes fabric offering much more choice of product.
Distribution begins in Italy through agents.
Linea Cinque’s product is appreciated by more and more large customer.


Linea Cinque’s position is consolidate in important stores in the whole country by constant presence at trade fairs.


Linea Cinque’s product target consumer is focalized by trying to offer more characterized and personalized collections a first phase of communication through national media begins a program of distribution in foreign markets starts with The inclusion of three agents in Austria, Belgium and Russia “Margutta” historical brand Is acquired in license.


LINEA CINQUE’s philosophy stays in our daily “to do” so passionate and always care about the continuous and sudden market changes.
It is possible being continuously and directly in contact with customers that are the main source of inspiration for new ideas and new needs.
The LINE CINQUE’s extreme flexibility structure allows us to select the best sources of production which must respond to features such as reliability, quality and ability to innovate in line with market’s demands.
In summary, our main commitment is to maintain and seek to exceed the expectations of our customers.





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