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Fashion becomes Green! Here are the 5 tips to follow …

admin | 22 October 2019

Fashion turns its gaze to a greener and more sustainable world

For some years the awareness towards green fashion has become increasingly rooted and strong, however the road ahead to concretely reduce the figures of the impact of fashion on the environment, however, is still long. But if it is true that the great revolutions always start from simple ideas, we too, in our daily lives, can actively participate in the green (fashion) revolution. Such as?

Reading our 5 tips for a green fashion.

1. Always look at the label

The first step to making an informed purchase is to read clothing labels. Choosing garments made with natural fibers will allow us to avoid synthetic materials such as polyester which, at each wash, release invisible but very harmful particles of microplastics to the oceans.

2. Wash only if really necessary

Doing washing machines just to “freshen up” the clothes will only contribute to their wear and increase water and energy consumption. Better to wash at full load and only when the condition of the clothes really requires it.

3. Prefer quality over quantity

The next time you are about to buy something, ask yourself: will I really use it? If yes, how many times? In general, try to make fewer and more targeted purchases, with the prospect that they are destined to last over time. The portfolio will also thank you.

4. Make your clothes live longer

A little hole, a stain, and goodbye favorite jeans? Before deleting a garment in your wardrobe and buying a new one, always make sure you have done everything to repair it and enjoy it for a while longer.

5. Never throw clothes in the trash

Garments thrown in the garbage are dumped and, in most cases, burned or buried. Always place them in the special collection points scattered around the city, give them to those who need them, or take advantage of the collection programs that will bring them back to life.

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1990s effect: the trends that are back in fashion

admin | 17 September 2019

The nineties era still lives on in our wardrobes today.

Pouches, transparent visors, amphibians … The 90s clothes always come back when you least expect them. Would you ever have said that? We do not.

Everything that until recently you considered yourself far from the modern and cosmopolitan taste, is back in fashion, and you will look forward to being able to wear it again. Find out below the trendiest clothes and accessories of the current season:

  • Pouch: even the most controversial accessory of all time is back in vogue, finishing it with some padding, kitsch details or designer labels in plain sight.
  • Sneakers with Wedge: 10 cm high rubber wedge shoes also return. In the nineties they were unisex, pretty aggressive and wearing them combined with gray or fluorescent orange bomber were the most unconventional boys and girls of the school.
  • Dr Martens: they have been back for a while now and in the same combination of the past, or with the flowered dresses and the backpack on their shoulders.
  • The Velvet Miniskirts: the simple and rectangular miniskirt with buttons or visible zip, tendentially in ribbed velvet or blue jeans, was a true nineties must now back in vogue.
  • Dungarees: the trend of the moment wants them combined with amphibians or ankle boots with a little heel, hoop earrings, a high braid and a maxi-slipper in pastel colors, have managed to become incredibly feminine.
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The color of the month: Glowing Yellow

admin | 6 August 2019

The new color is Glowing Yellow

Pantone creates three new shades to raise awareness about climate change and to save the reef from extinction. Among these is Glowing Yellow, the most popular bright yellow of the moment. In addition to the orange coral, or Living Coral as you prefer to call it, there is a yellow species, the Dendrophyllia cornigera, which also lives in the Italian seas and which, unfortunately, in recent years has seen a decline of about 40% due to the climate change and overfishing.

Glowing Yellow, Glowing blue and Glowing purple are the three Pantone shades that are inspired by the brilliant nuances of corals in their last moments of life and that have the task of no longer ignoring this disastrous abyss situation. fluorescent just to address the current and “incandescent” theme of global warming. To highlight, among the three shades, it is certainly Glowing Yellow, a bright yellow, lighter than the shade of the sun and a bit less bright than the neon.

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Our tips for a stunning ceremony look!

admin | 10 June 2019

Some small advices to feel a perfect guest

The question we ask ourselves is always the same for every person sent to a ceremony: which is the perfect outfit to attend a wedding reception? Here are some fashion ideas and some life-saving tips to avoid style slips!

Never wear white

There is a diktat of etiquette that must never – and we never stress! – be ignored: the only one who can show off the white dress is the bride! On the day of the “yes” (of another) the white must therefore be left strictly in the wardrobe, no licenses of any kind are allowed on the subject. Penalty: the glares of the other guests and the anger of the bride, who will be authorized to take revenge on the wrong outfits at the first important occasion for you!

 Total black: yes, but with some changes

Black at a wedding is no longer a taboo, but synonymous with elegance! Yes, because one of the cornerstones of the etiquette of marriage is unhinged, yet the total black remains land for few. The risk? Darken the party: imagine the photo album of a wedding party with the majority of guests dressed in black … the effect would not be too cheerful, don’t you think? If you don’t want to give up wearing a total black outfit at the next wedding reception, take care to brighten it up and liven it up with accessories, colorful or ultra-sparkling. An example? Show off the dresses with impalpable and light fabrics, perhaps embellished with ruffles, ruffles or small flowers that bloom here and there on the mini and long dresses! Go ahead for pastel colors for shoes, bags and stoles like pink, lavender or mint green. But also sparkling tones of gold or silver. Complete the look with a light and bright make-up, you will certainly be perfect!

Long or short?

At the banished generous necklines, skirts too short and deep slits: a wedding is not the kitsch fair! Good taste must always lord it, therefore aim everything at midi or long dresses without “exaggerations” whatsoever. How to choose the length of the dress? The rule is always the same: just above or below the knee for the day, long for the evening. Better if in sweet tones like powder pink or beige.

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Skirts: the street style combinations that you hadn’t considered …

admin | 10 May 2019

And with the arrival of summer it’s time to say goodbye to pants, and make room for skirts and their absolute comfort!

If you too want to leave the trousers in the closet with the heat, then the skirt and streetstyle inspirations are just what is right for you! Very stylish combinations and freedom of the legs will be the mood that will accompany you until the autumn.

Skirts are the perfect substitute for pants to create summer work outfits, but also the smart alternative to elegant clothes for going out at night. In short, the summer skirts of 2019 have style to sell and with the right combinations you wear them again and again and again …

Discover our fashion tips below: wear your floral skirt with a romantic white shirt and a black petticoat top, the effect is very stylish, especially if you add a pair of fashion slingback shoes to your feet. Alternatively, follow the 2019 fashion trends and give a country touch to your long skirt with a crop top and a wide-brimmed hat. If you don’t want to put a pair of Texan boots on your feet, go for ultra flat sandals and you’re done. When skirts are midi instead with flounces and patterns that recall white, don’t think twice, the color on which to aim for shoes and clothing is total white. The streetstyle trends of the skirts are also directed towards the short ones in denim, an evergreen that never goes away. And you are at the festivals and concerts wearing denim mini-skirts with crop tops and bralettes, for your summer casual outfits, paired with bon ton shirts and boots. And for the nostalgic, 50s wheel skirts are immediately “dolls”, but you can play them down with a pair of chunky sneakers and a basic white t-shirt! If you are not afraid of heels (er, of sore feet), wear them with bare sandals with very high heels, in combination with high-waisted skirts to ensure the flamingo legs!

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Trend Pe2019: long dresses with micro floral patterns!

admin | 16 April 2019

A floral explosion on next season’s garments and accessories

Are you a fan of floral dresses? The 2019 reserves you a wonderful news. Spring summer fashion puts you in front of a fact that will make you turn: the tiny flowered dresses will not only be absolutely trendy, but will allow you to improve the silhouette without effort!

A real floral explosion in the fashion of next spring / summer, a romantic fashion characterized by patterned fabrics with prints of bright and colorful micro flowers that decorate clothing and accessories. Summer flower dresses are a godsend. They are hyper romantic but absolutely easy, because you combine them with every type of trend accessories this season. The 2019 spring / summer fashion mixes day and night with great ease: this means that with a fashion outfit it takes advantage of two. Among all the hot clothes of 2019 you give priority to floral dresses with a dark background and a small floral print.

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The perfect invite look? Discover our fashion tips!

admin | 7 March 2019

Our advice from clothing to accessories

How to dress at a wedding if you are invited? The business is not easy, especially if you want to make a good impression and make no mistakes: clothing and accessories are obviously fundamental, and must be elegant without overdoing it, to maintain glamor and discretion. Light or otherwise discreet colors, such as quartz pink or serenity blue, avoid white or black, of course, and maybe dare a little more with bags and formal shoes: these are the main guidelines to follow.

If you are a wedding guest, and not the wedding witness, for example, you can consider yourself more free to dress as you want. Always within the limits of discretion and elegance, as we said, an invited person can choose a more imaginative dress, or slightly less formal, than the witness or the damsel. Go ahead, then, to slip dresses, even with thin straps, as long as they are not too low-cut. If you have chosen to wear a short dress, or at least not to the feet, choose at least a discreet color, or a floral pattern that makes it more delicate.

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The python print is super wild, here are our tips on how to combine it

admin | 16 February 2019

Python fashion is available throughout the season, including bags and shoes.

The python effect, so popular in the 70s, returns to great with so many options to wear, both with day looks, and with sexy and cool evening outfits. It also comes on skirts and pants, more or less shiny: it seems to have just escaped from the jungle, to conquer the metropolis. The secret of its charm lies in the scales, which play down the most serious looks.

Try the patchwork variant: even more eccentric, never exceeding kitsch. The artfully designed collage is added to the natural design of the python fantasy. An example of this is the street style look with the elegant leather overcoat and exotic inserts. Here the provocation is subtle, all artistic-visual. It can almost be defined as ambiguous, like the figure of the python itself.

Too bold? Here’s how to wear the python pattern:

For those who are used to monochrome or patterns like stripes and polka dots, the python can be a gamble. But the risk is worth the result. At the total python look, the fashion trend of wearing only a garment or accessory is opposed, for example a pair of shoes or a bag.

Jungle bon ton: with monochrome tones of beige, brown or black, just show off a fashion item in this exotic print to avoid falling into the classic. Little touches, here and there, to be absolutely chic. Thus we rediscover the idea of ​​the use of python, as the maximum expression of the status symbol of the beautiful world, of elegance.
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SS2019: The 7 trends you will fall in love with at first sight and never give up

admin | 21 January 2019

Are you ready to wear the most beautiful trends?

End of waiting, the fashion of spring 2019 and the trends seen on the catwalks of international fashion capitals, are now all reality to wear. Yes, because the fashion of 2019 is beautiful and dares a lot.

Discover the 7 most glamorous trends of the season:

Denim. Denim everywhere, multitasking denim that shapes every garment you can wear from head to toe. Spring 2019 jeans look to the 90s with acid washings, but they also become bon ton with a total elegant look that you can pull off in spring ceremonies.
Yes it is true, the color of the year should be the Living Coral, but fashion thinks differently and crowns acid green as a fashion color to bet on for formal dresses and not for the summer.
For the evening the strongest trends turn to ultra shiny silver clothes. Silver is the color to match with everything to shine on full moon nights to wear in very short and fluctuating clothes, but also perfect for a sports accessory that illuminates your outfits.
If we talk about trousers, the trend that is everywhere they are: cyclist trousers. Fashion has brought them back directly from the 90s in a fluorescent version and for day and evening use, in the gym and at the disco. You can love them or hate them, of course, but you’ll see them everywhere.
High-heeled or low boots can also be worn with the arrival of summer, perfect for matching clothes, especially on cooler evenings. From Texan boots to knee-high boots, however, this trend of spring 2019 fashion has a common denominator: dare.
Mini that you can not more mini. Get ready to carry only the bare minimum, because the tendency of the bags considerably reduces the size. On the other hand, it transforms these mini bags into very precious accessories that complete the outfit as if they were jewels.
Speaking of jewels … After a couple of seasons of absolute mastery of micro jewels, for spring / summer 2019 the important jewels come back, the ones that tone and are seen and the absolute protagonists are them: the earrings.

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Oversized and colorful: the new winter duvets are crazy!

admin | 15 December 2018

Big, huge, exaggerated.

The hottest trend of winter 2019 is naturally the XXL down jacket. Beloved by bloggers and influencers, they are so spectacular that they make the look themselves. Super cool and easy to wear, they look good on everything from jeans to evening dresses, the important thing is to take them with ease. Choose them in the strongest colors or even in fluorescent. The result is guaranteed. Do not be surprised if you see women on the streets who seem to drown under a “duvet” version jacket. This year the trend wants so, that the proportions are maxi above and slim below. These jackets have the advantage of hiding any defect but must imperatively be worn with trousers or slim skirts. Other advice: if you decide to adopt one of these models be sure to take it with a fair and determined air. These street duvets do not allow shyness.

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